Microblading training and monitoring
Microblade Training by the Master! Royal Artist Georgetta Juncu

Are you a new microblading artist or still a student (level 11) who is not confident enough to work on a model/client?

Struggling with drawing the shape?
Has questions about transition and pattern?

Well, I must say I totally understand that because I’ve been there myself but YOU now have the opportunity to improve all that with my help. From today on I can monitor your work, we work on live models together and I will help you put the pieces of your puzzles together. It would be my pleasure to help you get to the extraordinary level! 

Branko Babic PhiAcademy came up with a brilliant idea where Royal artist can monitor students (level 11) and new artist.
This is not a perfection training or theory lesson, but a latex and live model training.

If you are interested please don’t hesitate to contact me at: ️

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